Lorena Begnozzi: Graphs and algorithms for graphs.
Diplom thesis, Ferrara 1991.
Original title: Grafi e algoritmi sui grafi.

FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPTS IN GRAPH THEORY Introduction Latin text of Euler's essay of 1736 Translation of Euler's essay Definitions Eulerian paths Cayley graphs Graphs and quasiorders CODIFICATION OF GRAPHS Vectors, stacks and queues Lists Representation of graphs on the computer A program for intearactive drawing of graphs Comments on the program An algorithm for connection Stratifications THE EULER CHARACTERISTIC Finitely generated abelian groups The tensor product Simplicial homology and Euler characteristic First homology group and cyclomatic number Trees Euler's formula for polyhedra Plane graphs PATHS OF MINIMAL COST Dynamic programming Paths of minimal cost in a net The knapsack problem HAMILTONIAN PATHS Hamiltonian paths Algorithms for determining hamiltonian paths REFERENCES