Angela Bozzini: Universal algebra with an introduction to C.
Diplom thesis, Ferrara 1989.
Original title: Concetti di algebra generale e di programmazione.

GENERAL ALGEBRAS Semirings and modules Tensor product of modules over a commutative semiring The Grothendieck group Abelian groups with a lattice structure Nuclear families of sectors and Redei's fundamental theorem Lattices Distributive and modular lattices Boolean algebras General algebras Equivalence relations and Bell numbers Congruences Closure systems Galois correspondences The second isomorphy theorem The first isomorphy theorem The lattice of congruences of A/r Direct products Subdirect products Varieties of general algebras Equations MACINTOSH C PROGRAMMING Structure of a program in C Control instructions Vectors and strings The string library of Lightspeed C Pointers Functions Lightspeed C Structures and unions Operations on bits The math library of Lightspeed C The king's villages and an ecological conclusion REFERENCES