Paola Castagnoli: An introduction to sheaf cohomology.
Diplom thesis, Ferrara 1988.
Original title: Un'introduzione alla coomologia dei fasci.

SHEAVES Filtered limits Presheaves Proto-sheaves and selections Sheaves of sets Sheaves of abelian groups and of modules Fiber-conserving maps Homomorphisms between sheaves Some general constructions for sheaves HOMOLOGICAL ALGEBRA Exact sequences of modules Projective modules Injective modules Complexes of R-modules EXTENSION OF SELECTIONS Normal and paracompact spaces The exact sequence for a closed subspace Non-resistent sheaves Extension of selections defined on not necessarily open sets Soft sheaves Fine sheaves EXACT CATEGORIES AND ABELIAN CATEGORIES Elementary concepts from category theory Categories with a distinguished zero object Puppe's theorem Exact categories Tools for diagram chasing The four-lemma in an exact category Abelian categories DERIVED FUNCTORS AND GROTHENDIECK COHOMOLOGY Exact functors Projective and injective resolutions Derived functors De Rham's theorem for derived functors Grothendieck cohomology The natural non-resistent resolution and the classical De Rham theorem REFERENCES