Daniela Gambi: Lindenmayer systems and cellular automata.
Diplom thesis, Ferrara 1991.
Original title: Sistemi di Lindenmayer e automi cellulari.

GRADUATIONS AND AUTOMATA Graduations The free monoid A* The language accepted by an automa Examples Direct sums and products of graduations and automata The tensor product of graduations and automata The image of a recognizable set The syntactic monoid Kleene's theorem AFFINE MODELS Recurrent curves Examples A program for drawing recurrent curves LINDENMAYER SYSTEMS Introduction Endomorphisms of A* Non-simplifiable endomorphisms Difference equations Growth functions Graphical representation of L-systems with the turtle method L-systems with brackets and ramifications The 3-dimensional turtle The turtle on the sphere Programs for Lindenmayer systems Description of the programs CELLULAR AUTOMATA One-dimensional cellular automata Two-dimensional cellular automata REFERENCES