Maria Grazia Mondini: Dynamical systems and ordinary differential equations.
Diplom thesis, Ferrara 1988.
Original title: Sistemi dinamici ed equazioni differenziali ordinarie.

DYNAMICAL SYSTEMS Semicontinuous functions Dynamical systems LINEAR DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS The exponential mapping in GL(V) The solution space of the homogeneous equation Liouville's theorem The non homogeneous linear system Linear differential equations with constant coefficients Stability theorems for linear equations with constant coefficients Classification of linear systems with constant coefficients in the plane Linear hyperbolic flows Existence and unicity of solutions of ordinary differential equations Continuity and differentiability of solutions Floquet theory for linear equations with constant coefficients BROUWER DEGREE The Brouwer degree The antipodal theorem of Borsuk-Ulam Projections on a convex set Dugundji's extension theorem The fixed point theorems of Brouwer and Schauder MILNOR ATTRACTORS Baire's theorem Milnor's concept of attractor REFERENCES