Roberta Nibbi: Topology of fractals.
Diplom thesis, Ferrara 1991.
Original title: Topologia dei frattali.

CONSTRUCTION OF FRACTALS BY SYSTEMS OF CONTRACTIONS Introduction The Hausdorff metric Systems of contractions of a complete metric space Affine contractions TOPOLOGICAL DIMENSION Normal and functionally normal spaces Zero-dimensional normal spaces Spaces with topological dimension greater than zero INVARIANT MEASURES FOR A SYSTEM OF CONTRACTIONS Sigma-algebras Exterior measures Measurable functions The integral The space of normalized Borel measures A contraction in Prob(X) The coding theorem The support of an invariant measure HAUSDORFF DIMENSION - REGULAR AND IRREGULAR SETS Hausdorff measures Vitali's covering theorem Hausdorff dimension Fractal dimension Density and regularity Regular and irregular 1-sets THE KAKEYA PROBLEM The Kakeya problem Marstrand's theorem Abram Besicovitch MULTIPLIERS AND FEFFERMAN'S EXAMPLE Multipliers in L^p The example of Fefferman FRACTALS ON THE COMPUTER A program REFERENCES