6502 assembler with elementary algorithms 1985/86.

For 4th year mathematics students. Official name: Algebra superiore.

INTRODUCTION TO PROGRAMMING Representation of numbers in base 16 Fundamental instructions The Apple IIe monitor and the organization of the RAM Some elementary programs in machine language Addition of big integers SOME CONCEPTS IN COMPLEXITY Computation of rational functions Growth order of functions Computation of bilinear forms Rank of a tensor HARMONIC ANALYSIS IN FINITE-DIMENSIONAL VECTOR SPACES The continuous Fourier transform Significance of complex oscillations in systems theory Some Fourier transforms Properties of the continuous Fourier transform Distributions Discrete Fourier transform The convolution theorem The Fourier transform as unitary operator in L^2 The discrete Fourier transform as a unitary operator Characters and Fourier series in finite abelian groups Fourier series of periodic functions The continuous Poisson summation formula The inversion formula for the theta function The theta function in heat diffusion The discrete Poisson summation formula FAST FOURIER TRANSFORM The Cooley-Tukey algorithm Analysis of the Cooley-Tukey algorithm A program for the Cooley-Tukey algorithm HARMONIC ANALYSIS OF SIGNALS Signals Heisenberg's inequality and the indeterminacy principle The indeterminacy principle in quantum mechanics Some concepts in probability Tables