Topics in computational discrete mathematics 1997/98.

For 4th year mathematics students. 
Official name: Algebra superiore.

CELLULAR AUTOMATA Definitions and fundamental constructions The automata of McCulloch-Pitts Cellular automata in one dimension Cellular automata in two dimensions Lindenmayer systems GENETIC OPTIMIZATION Introduction and elementary examples The traveling salesman problem COMBINATORIAL ANALYSIS OF TEXTS The free monoid SL(2,N) Programs in Python for SL(2,N) Fundamental problem in combinatorial text analysis The periodicity lemma The Knuth-Morris-Pratt algorithm The Boyer-Moore algorithm Recurrent infinite words Almost periodicity in continuous transformation semigroups Almost periodicity of infinite words Symbolic dynamical systems and forbidden words Infinite words and SL(2,N) Raney sequences The quotients of a real (2x2)-matrix Factorization theorems A method for finding all K-stable and all R-stable matrices