Combinatorics 1991/92, 1992/93.

For 4th year mathematics students. Official name: Algebra superiore.
The following was the program in 1991/92. The course in 1992/93 contained
almost the same first chapter and continued with an algorithmic part 
(C programming, drawing of curves and surfaces, sorting, genetic optimization,
polynomial division in several variables).

GENERATING FUNCTIONS Binomial numbers Formal power series Generating functions Catalan numbers Stirling numbers Bell numbers Partitions of a natural number INCIDENCE ALGEBRA AND MÖBIUS FUNCTION OF A PARTIALLY ORDERED SET Partially ordered sets Incidence algebra and Möbius function The inclusion-exclusion principle METHODS OF COMMUTATIVE ALGEBRA IN COMBINATORICS Finitely generated abelian groups Tensor product Simplicial homology and Euler characteristic The topological method for determining the Möbius function