C and C++ under Unix 1999/2000.

For 3rd and 4th year mathematics students. 
Official name: Sistemi di elaborazione dell'informazione.
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UNIX Simple Unix commands The find command File permissions Inodes, links and symbolic links X Window Emacs The files .xinitrc and .fvwmrc Linux and Unix Program installation PROGRAMMING IN MACHINE LANGUAGE AND ASSEMBLER Examples Working with debug Simple assembler programs PROGRAMMING IN C Administering projects with make How to create an operating system Elementary programs Time and random numbers Functions for files Processes The exec commands Pipelines Quicksort Switch and question-mark Enum Functions with a variable number of arguments Crypt The abbreviated makefile (GNU make pattern rules) Structures String functions of the standard libraries Other functions from the standard libraries Malloc, calloc, realloc and free Macros CONCEPTS OF FUNCTIONAL PROGRAMMING Examples of functional programming in ML Old C Symbolic functional programming in C PROGRAMMING IN C++ Classes in C++ Function templates Functional programming in C++