Programming in C++ under Unix 1995/96, 1996/97.

For 4th year mathematics students. 
Official name: Teoria e applicazioni delle macchine calcolatrici

UNIX Simple Unix commands Emacs File permissions Programming the shell How to create a WWW page Inodes, links and symbolic links X Window Linux, GNU and the Free Software Foundation PROGRAMMING IN C++ Administering projects with make Elementary programs Classes in C++ Stacks Lists Functions with a variable number of arguments Functions for files The class apoint Complex functions and conformal mappings Rectangles and tables Quicksort Counting sort Dictionaries and hash functions PROGRAMMING THE SYSTEM Memory management Elementary system calls Functions for input/output Processes COMPILER CONSTRUCTION (1995/96) Lexical analysis Finite automata Kleene's theorem A MACROPROCESSOR (1996/97) Introduction using Perl Function names as arguments of functions in Perl and Python A prototype (written in Python) The classes atext and adictionary A TEX preprocessor The fields and the role of computer science