Approximation theory
Calculus of variations
Convex analysis
Functional analysis
Functional equations
Harmonic analysis
Measure theory
Nonstandard analysis
Operator algebras
Ordinary differential equations
Partial differential equations
Personal home pages

Personal home pages

Ernesto Buzano in Torino
Wilfrid Gangbo in Atlanta
John Hutchinson in Canberra
Edward Nelson in Princeton
Eric Schechter in Nashville
Adriana Venturi in Firenze

Approximation theory

Walter Gautschi in Lafayette

Convex analysis

Convex geometry
Journal of Convex Analysis

Functional analysis

Jürgen Appell in Würzburg
Wolfgang Arendt in Ulm
Markus Haase in Delft
Reinhold Meise in Düsseldorf
Rainer Nagel in Tübingen
Johanna Michor in Wien
Anton Schep in Columbia
Rainer Schimming in Greifswald
Joel Shapiro in East Lansing
Dietmar Vogt in Wuppertal
Dirk Werner in Berlin
Eberhard Zeidler in Leipzig

Harmonic analysis

Ronald Coifman in New Haven
Hans Georg Feichtinger in Wien
Massimo Picardello in Roma
Terence Tao in Los Angeles


What is the delta function?