Java bibliography

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Anything coming along that smacks of real utility attracts hype and hope ... investors want the absolute latest cutting-edge technology - so long as it's also tried and true and safe. So they follow each others like lemmings from one fad to another. The distortion of market values did not begin with Java, of course. Microsoft is a fine company with considerable depth, to be sure. But it has nowhere near the depth and diversity of IBM, and yet the total stock values of the two companies are comparable ... So let's hear it for the little language that probably can. I'm sure Java will find uses outside the narrow confines of Web browsers ... But let's not imbue it with any more magical properties than it actually has ..." (author) 8216 Christoph Poeppe: Blitzkarriere im World Wide Web - die Programmiersprache Java. Spektrum Juli 1996, 17-24. L. Prechelt: Java vs. C++ - efficiency issues to interpersonal issues. Comm. 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