Famous people died from prostate cancer
Robert Benjamin Ablin (-1979) Don Ameche (actor, 85) Baudouin (king of Belgium) Bill Bixby (actor, 59) S. Edward Cala (co-founder Cala Foods, 79) William Casey (former CIA director) James Coleman (sociologist, 68) Sylvio Conte (former US representative) Thomas Crowley (Crowley Maritime Corp., 79) Orval Faubus (former Arkansas governor, 83) Charles de Gaulle (French statesman) Roswell Gilpatric (former deputy secretary of defense, 80) Paulo Gracindo (actor, 84) Ernest Hahn (real estate developer) James Herriott (author, 78) Felix Houphouet-Boigny (president Ivory Coast, 88) Howard Hunter (president Mormon Church, 87) Irving Kahn (cable television pioneer, 76) Khomeini (Iranian leader, 89) Timothy Leary (ca. 1921-1996, LSD-prophet) Frank Lilly (geneticist, 65) Curtis Lowe (jazz saxophonist, 73) Spark Matsunaga (former US senator, 73) Bob Maynard (publisher - The Oakland Tribune, 56) Tom McDermott (TV and movie actor, 83) Bob McNett (Drifting Cowboys Band, 69) Francois Mitterrand (French statesman, 79) Mobutu Sese Seko (Dictator in Zaire, 66) John von Neumann (1903-1957, mathematician) Gary Ormsby (race car driver, 47) Frank Aram Oski (physician, ca. 1932-1996) Turgut Ozal (president of Turkey, 66) Joseph Papp (theatrical producer) Linus Pauling (1901-1994, chemist) Harvey Penick (golf instructor, 90) Frank Perry (motion picture producer, 65) Bobby Riggs (tennis player, 77) Fred Ross (union organizer, 82) Steve Ross (CEO Time-Warner, 65) Hobart Rowan (columnist - The Washington Post, 76) Cornelius Ryan (author) Dick Sargent (actor, 64) Telly Savalas (actor, 70) George Sheehan (running guru, physician and author, 74) Otis Smith (Michigan supreme court judge, 72) John Tower (former US senator) Jesse Unruh (former California treasurer) William Walsh (founder of project HOPE, ca. 1920-1996) Del Webb (sportsman and real estate developer) Thomas Witter (Dean-Witter-Reynolds, 63) Joseph Wortis (psychiatrist, 80) Derek York (film editor, 66) Frank Zappa (rock star, 52)